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You’re not alone. many people just like you are curious about the process, and exactly how we can help. Look through some of our most common questions — you might be wondering the same thing.
I don’t haul cargo very often. Why do I need a bedliner?

It only takes one load of cargo to ding, dent, and scratch your unprotected truck bed. Getting our spray on bedliner will protect your truck bed for life.

I already have a drop-in bedliner. Why should I get a spray on bedliner?

Spray on bedliners are better than drop in bedliner for many reasons. First, the textured finish of our spray on bedliner keeps cargo more secure than a slippery plastic bedliner. Also, plastic bedliners tend to warp and crack which can lead to scuffs and rust in your truck bed. Futhermore plastic bedliners act a tub in your bed that holds water in it and traps water and debris under it, causing damage to your bed.

i need to use my truck everyday. how can i get this done?

We’ll have you in and out the same day, usually within a few hours.

I've heard that spray on bedliners are expensive. is this true?

Spray on bedliners are usually about twice the cost of a plastic drop in bedliner, but they are still very affordable and they protect your bed for the life of your truck without causing damage, unlike plastic bedliners. Plus, they look great once they are sprayed in and add to the value of your truck.

How come you guys are no longer associated with a franchise?

We have terminated our contract with the franchise due to several reasons:

1.  Not being with a franchise allows us the freedom to use the best product that fits the application.  It is our experience that there are many quality products on the market, as we have sought out the industry leader.  The key to success is having an experienced applicator applying the product that will yield the best results.

2. “Lifetime Warranty”  promised by other companies are highly misleading, it is our belief that it doesn’t cover commercial use and is ONLY for bedliners on brand new trucks.

3. We no longer have territory policies nor are we limited to franchise vehicle accessories.  We can help you order what you want for your vehicle.

For more info ask…

What products do you use ?

Our technicians have spent years doing product development to find many products that surpass the franchise brand.  

We base what chemicals and products we use based off of each individual project to meet each individual customers needs. If you are curious of what product that would best suit you and your budget contact us.

We always recommend to price check and always feel free to bring us a valid quote, we will beat it!

How long do you have to wait before you can use your bedliner once it's sprayed?

When you pick up your truck, it will be ready for light load use, and ready to wash if needed. Typically after 24 hours, your bedliner is ready for full use. If for some reason something happens, contact us! We will be more than willing to assist your needs!

Can you spray different colors of bedliner?

We offer any color under the sun, and can match most colors. We have sprayed almost everything that you can think of with every color that you can imagine. If you would like to see more pictures of different color samples please contact us!